🚀 New Release – 16 Sep 2022 🚀


Android Players

Android robot

Download, install and play very quickly to reBrawl with this little tutorial for Android Players.

1Download the APK

2Update settings

Android Settings Screen

3Run Mods

Launch Screen

iOS Players

Apple logo black

We don't have an iOS version for this server. Please check below to find a server compatible with iOS.

Play Classic

reBrawl Classic looks like the original game with minor enhancements.
It’s a great server to test existing game content without breaking the original gameplay.

reBrawl Classic offers unlimited resources and boxes as well as all characters and a bunch of skins!

We also added a new set of custom maps as a bonus 🎁.

Note that reBrawl Classic is the only server compatible with Apple devices at the moment.

AndroidreBrawl ClassicApplereBrawl Classic

Play Legacy

reBrawl Legacy is an old school version of the game.
It’s a mix of reBrawl Classic and reBrawl Mods, but it’s mainly aiming people using older Android devices, who aren’t able to play on the first two versions of reBrawl.

Give it a try if you are experiencing technical issues!

AndroidreBrawl Legacy