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Rebrawl Classic Mod legacy cannot find others players

Hi! I recently tried all versions. Whenever I open the app, and click "play". it keeps showing me "looking for players" the yellow star turn and turn nothing happened. I am using a Xiaomi mi9se Android 11? And I used a Galaxy S6 Android 7. Same results. Does that speak to you?


  • Hi, multiplayer is not available for now, you can only play against bots.

  • Hi,
    I misspoke. I didn't know we were actually playing against bots. What I meant to say is I can't play against an opponent (bots)
    When I press the button, the yellow one; where it is marked play. I play in French. I press "Jouer" I have the message "Recherche de joueur" and nothing happens. Is that how we play it, right?
    Thanks for answer

  • You need to use the friendly game feature. That is how you can play with bots. It is in the right side menu at the bottom above Supercell ID.

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