🚀 New Release – 16 Sep 2022 🚀

Classic (Version 30.231 - Android / 27.270 - iOS)

On this server, no custom Brawlers, only the original ones.
New skins are available though, as well as unlimited coins, gems and boxes!
All the game maps are available, and we have added a few custom maps too.
reBrawl Classic adds small fun enhancements but doesn’t break the original game balance.
Feature 0 classic

Play with New Skins

All original skins are unlocked, and exciting custom skins created by the community and team have been added.
Have fun with Honeycomb Darryl, Blyat Shelly, Mario Racer Carl and many, many more!
Give your Brawler the coolest appearance around!
Join our Discord to submit new skins, and let thousands of players a chance to play with very own creations!
Feature 1 classic

Play on Custom Maps

In addition to all the original game maps, have fun on the custom maps which have been created by our fantastic community!
Our favorite ones are Paradise Falls, Grassy Jungle, OverSeas Islands and Retropolis Park. Which maps do you like most?
Oh, and one more thing… we have removed the 6-maps lock, so you aren’t limited anymore!
Submit your own maps on Discord, so we can add them to the pool and publish them on reBrawl!
Feature 2 classic

Get every Classic Brawlers easily

All the Classic Brawlers are available with no effort! Moreover, once you get a Brawler, it’s immediately available at max level.
You can unlock all the Brawlers in one go with the in-game -max command!
Feature 3 classic

Unlimited Resources and Boxes

Because on reBrawl, fun is our priority… you start the game with infinite coins, gems, tickets, trophies and boxes 🚀!
How many boxes can you open before you get bored? We heard the record is close from 600!
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